Serafina’s Promise

Serafina’s Promise

A powerful novel told in verse. How can Serafina become a doctor when each day is a battle to survive? Serafina’s days are all more or less the same. Stomach-rumbling hunger. Fetching water. Sweeping dusty floors. Emptying chamber pots. Manman is having a baby, and if Serafina works hard enough, maybe this time the baby will live. Serafina made a secret promise with her best friend, Julie Marie. She promised to go to school and follow her dream of becoming a doctor. But with all this work to do, how can she study? And what will happen to Serafina – and her promise – when an earthquake hits?

  • The celebrated story of a Haitian girl with a big dream
  • Written in luminous verse full of powerful visual images
  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner and ALA Notable book
  • Brings alive the time before and after the 2010 earthquake

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