Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Jingle Bells!

If you’ve read their yummy picture books, you’ll know these marvellous mutts used to be thieves – but then they found a nicer talent. These days, they’re bakers who love nothing better than filling people’s tummies with treats! Now it’s the run-up to Christmas, and they have a lot on their plates. Mince pies to bake, Yule logs to roll: it’s all smelling delicious! But now someone has stolen all of Santa’s presents. Oh dear! Will Christmas be ruined? Not if these two have anything to do with it…

  • A glorious easy reader with three fabulous stories
  • The festive headline story is perfect for Christmas
  • Witty and vibrant two-colour artwork by Steven Lenton
  • Ideal for developing readers gaining in confidence

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  • Awards

    Tracey Corderoy has won the Hillingdon and Hounslow Book Awards.

  • Awards

    Winner of the Sainsbury’s Book Award for The Nothing To See Here Hotel.

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