Simpsons Comics: Get Some Fancy Book Learnin'

The world’s most beloved literary classics – Simpsons style! Gather round for frantically funny fables as the crazy crew recreate some of the greatest stories ever told. Mount Olympus will never be the same after donut-munching Homer visits The Iliad, while Bart meets a kindred spirit in literature’s most famous slacker, the Prodigal Son. Abraham Simpson finds it’s not so easy to keep a covenant with God when you have a son like Homer – and then Bart does the Bard, man, as the students of Springfield Elementary perform virtually every one of Shakespeare’s plays in one midsummer night! As Aesop’s fables, Scheherazade and other stories are mangled beyond recognition, will Lisa manage to raise the tone with the lovely and endearing fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen?

Split your sides as the Simpsons put fancy literature in its place – on your favourite bookshelf!

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  • I want this so bad

    3 March 2012

  • i would like to have this book because i watch the simpsons every day

    2 March 2012

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