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Welcome to a magical world where dreams come true! What will happen when Emily is whisked away to a very special skating school, where every week brings the chance to win a precious set of coloured skates? At the Skating School, the pupils live and breathe adventure on the ice – a glittering frozen wonderland where the enchanting displays of ice-dancing can’t help but take your breath away. It’s everything Emily has ever wanted. Now will she be able to skate her way to happiness – and win her own prized pair of special skates? Two books from a sparkly new series of ice-skating fantasies by the author of My Secret Unicorn.

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  • i hve not read this yet but i think is going to be the best book i have ever read !!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 August 2012

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    Linda Chapman won the 2012 Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award for Loving Spirit.

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