Skulduggery Pleasant #12: Bedlam

Valkyrie is 100% kick-ass hero. Omen Darkly not so much. But bedlam is here. He must step up… What should you do when the entire world descends into monstrous chaos? It’s a no-brainer. Call in Valkyrie and Skulduggery, duh. Trouble is, on this deeply deadly occasion, our go-to helpers are all tied up. Valkyrie is on a lawless quest to recover her sister’s lost soul. Meanwhile, Abyssinia’s grand plan is kicking off a night of terror and bloodshed. So – who’ll save the day? It’ll have to be Omen Darkly: reclusive, gentle and a wee bit timid. As the madness unfolds, it’s all up to Omen. Should you be worried? He is…

  • More monstrous thrills from Derek Landy’s hit series
  • This wild new adventure thrusts a new hero to the fore
  • Addictive horror full of wisecracks, suspense and action
  • The first Skulduggery book won the Red House Award

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  • Derek Landy

    Derek Landy is the author of the bestselling Skulduggery books – the funniest dead detective ever!


    Derek Landy has won multiple awards for his Skulduggery Pleasant series, including the Richard & Judy and Red House awards.

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