Smart Words Readers: Amazing Adaptations Pack

Forget Bear Grylls: animals are the true masters of survival. Great pics, handy words, cool facts. Awesome easy reading. How do you stay alive in a changing world? You adapt. It’s survival of the fittest out in nature. Creatures who can’t keep up die out. So who are the survivors? Arctic foxes darken their fur when the snow melts, so they’ll stay camouflaged. Bears and squirrels hibernate in winter: a great way to survive the bitter cold. Many birds migrate to warmer places to keep themselves alive through seasonal changes. Brilliant fact books for nature-lovers, packed with mind-blowing info, colour pictures and new science vocabulary to learn.

Contains five books:

Smart Words Reader: Camouflage

Smart Words Reader: Migration

Smart Words Reader: Extreme Survival

Smart Words Reader: Endangered and Extinct

Smart Words Reader: Hibernation

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