Some Dogs Do

All dogs walk and jump and run. But dogs don’t fly. It can’t be done – can it? Jez Alborough’s uplifting tale is one for those of you who believe that miracles really do happen. You’re going to love its jolly rhymes and bright, cheerful pictures. Not to mention the heroic little pup named Sid who bounces through every page! A dream of a book with a lovely can-do message. Not sure if something is possible? Remember: some dogs do!

  • An all-time favourite – uplifting, sweet and heartwarming
  • Encourages kids to stay positive and follow their dreams
  • Brilliantly bold illustrations paired with jaunty rhyming text
  • By the best-loved creator of Hug and Where’s My Teddy?

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  • Awards

    Jez Alborough has won a number of awards, including the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and the Red House Children’s Book Award.

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