Spirit Animals #3: Blood Ties

A master fantasy writer takes the reins and a panda leads the battle charge. Enter a breathtaking game world. Read it. Live it. The amazing game world of Spirit Animals gets the genius touch of Garth Nix. Seriously epic. Before, four kids bonded with their spirit animals in the space of a lightning strike. A leopard, a panda, a falcon and a wolf. Now they have to save their world. The evil Conquerers are setting Erdas on fire, swallowing whole cities ruthlessly. But Meilin and her panda spirit, Jhi, won’t take that lying down. And nor should you. Play the game and win the war.

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    I enjoyed reading this so much that I fineshed it in 2 days!! Even my mum couldn’t tear my eyes away from this book!

    15 May 2014

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    Garth Nix has won several Aurealis awards in his native Australia, for Sabriel, Abhorsen, Mister Monday and Drowned Wednesday.

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