Sproutzilla vs. Christmas

Uh-oh! Love Christmas? Hate Brussels sprouts? Mean, green Sproutzilla is on the rampage – and he’s headed straight for Santa! It’s very merry YUCK! OK: hands up if you don’t like sprouts. Here’s a secret: nor does Jack, the hero of this story. He loves (nearly) everything about Christmas – except for those pesky sprouts. Bleeugh! So when Jack’s parents bring home the biggest sprout you’ve ever seen, he knows there’s trouble ahead. And when evil Sproutzilla comes alive and attacks Santa, it’s up to Jack to save Christmas. But can he really eat such a HUGE sprout?

  • Hilariously yucky festive tale of good vs evil sprouts
  • Ideal for fans of The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas
  • Lighthearted message about eating up your vegetables
  • Written by Dead Ringers comedy writer Tom Jamieson

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