Star Wars Young Readers: Escape from Darth Vader

Uh-oh. Will C-3PO and R2-D2 escape Darth Vader’s clutches? If you can read this book, you’ll find out! A thrilling story based on the Star Wars: A New Hope movie. Put your reading skills and courage to the test. Meet two very different robots. R2-D2 bleeps a lot and looks like a fancy tin can with one eye. C-3PO has a human shape and is fluent in six million languages. (Not bad.) When they escape a starship attack by Darth Vader’s forces, what will happen to them? Clue: it’s very exciting…

  • Thrilling easy reader from the Star Wars universe
  • Based on events from Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Graded language and dramatic colour pictures
  • Perfect for new readers who love action stories

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