Forever ugly – inside and out? A spellbinding writer reimagines the tale of Cinderella’s sister. Isabelle is angry. Angry at the world; angry at her fate. Angry at her stepsister Ella. Ella is beautiful, kind and sweet. All the things that Isabelle – her plain younger stepsister – is not. Isabelle is all the wrong things. Fearless, brave, wilful. She fights with a sword better than any boy. She jumps her stallion over fences that grown men fear. But nobody wants that kind of girl. She’ll never be right. Never be loved. Can Isabelle face down her demons, own her strength, find her beauty – and stop her cruel treatment of Ella?

  • By the author of Carnegie Medal winner A Gathering Light
  • A remarkable tale of being different and challenging the world
  • Retells the Cinderella fairy tale from the bully’s point of view
  • Jennifer Donnelly also wrote mermaid series The Waterfire Saga

*Please note this book contains mature content and language more suitable for older readers.

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