Sticker Dolly Dressing: At the Stables

Who said dollies are only about pretty dresses and tea parties? These fun-loving dolls love to ride! They spend their days at the stables, grooming their favourite horses and generally having a great time. But what do they wear? Well, that’s up to you. You get to choose their perfect outfits for showjumping contests, pony care and going on a trail ride. You get over 350 reusable stickers of outfits and kit for all the stuff they do: pony camp, a day at the ranch and (whisper it) mucking out!

  • A fabulous favourite from this best-loved series
  • Pretty colour artwork and over 350 reusable stickers
  • Perfect for anyone who loves horses and dressing up
  • Includes a fold-out back cover to store the stickers

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