Summoner #1: The Novice

The brand new fantasy sensation! Doing magic? Cool. Summoning demons? Lower down the wish list. But in this Tolkien-like world of elves, dwarves and orcs, a demon on your side is kind of cute. Fletcher is the cursed/blessed one: the weirdo with the gift of calling up demons. Chased from his village, he ends up at Vocans Academy: a place where he can master the art of summoning. In a series of gruelling lessons, Fletcher and his demon Ignatius train to fight together against the savage orcs. (Who said all demons were totally evil anyway?) But as elves, nobles and dwarves wrangle for power, Fletcher is forced into a dangerous corner…

  • A fantasy phenomenon from a hugely gifted young author
  • Includes an exclusive Demonology full of facts about demons
  • Taran Matharu originally started blogging this book on
  • He got over 3 million reads in under six months and was featured on NBC News
  • “A epic fantasy debut” – The Best New Children’s Books 2015

This book contains mature content.

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