Super Sniffers: Dog Detectives on the Job

Quick – hide your gym shoes. These sniffer hounds have noses 300 times keener than yours. Check out their cool photo-stories! Do you have allergies? Or ride on planes? Or love mystery stories? If so, a sniffer dog has probably helped you in some way. They’re not called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing. Dogs can use their mighty sense of smell to detect explosives, find drugs and weapons, catch criminals and even detect cancer and allergens. Written as a photo-story, this book follows the lives of amazing sniffer dogs in all sorts of roles, with real accounts from their handlers.

  • A truly fascinating fact book for every animal-lover
  • Packed with cute photos of sniffer dogs at work and play
  • See how these smart dogs help us in all sorts of ways
  • Read true stories of real-life dogs and their handlers

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