Hop it, Superman: here’s Super Gran! Old but definitely not past it. One day, a little old lady was struck by rays from a super machine. Now she’s Super Gran: super-fast and super-strong, with cool X-ray eyesight. Don’t mess with her! Like every self-respecting superhero, Super Gran is on a mission to stop the baddies in her town. Plus, she’s got her own dream team of loyal sidekicks: her grandson Willie and kid genius Edison. (Youth, brains and muscle? They’re unstoppable!) Together they perform super stunts, foil bank robberies and save a child from drowning. But when the evil Inventor gets his hands on the super machine, can Super Gran’s wrinkly power make him sorry?

  • A fresh new look for this hilarious children’s classic
  • Action-packed adventures with a unique superheroine
  • Funny illustrations by Elmer creator David McKee
  • Enduring favourite full of excitement and humour

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  • Awards

    David McKee won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Prize) in 1987 for Two Monsters.

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