Surrounded by Sharks

Doesn’t the water look lovely! When Davey wakes up, just as the sun is rising, he can’t wait to slip out of the cramped hotel room he’s sharing with his family. Leave it to his parents and kid brother to waste an entire day of vacation sleeping in! Davey heads straight for the beach. He doesn’t stop to leave a note. Who can resist that sparkling water? Never mind that ‘No Swimming’ sign. But soon the waves are pulling Davey out to sea, far away from help. Even worse, something hungry is circling under the water. There’s no use in screaming for help; nobody will hear. No one knows he’s there. Except the sharks…

  • A chilling adventure by a New York Times bestselling author
  • Michael Northrup’s books include TombQuest and Plunked
  • Packed with suspense, drama and true facts about sharks
  • “Balances pathos and action effectively” – Kirkus Reviews

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