Tales from India

A collection of twenty stories from India’s rich folklore heritage, retold by best-loved author Bali Rai. Expect wicked magicians, wise old priests, charming princes, beautiful princesses, greedy tigers and wily jackals! Bursting with adventure and trickery, these magical stories are infused with universal messages about life and the world around us. They are founded on tales from India’s Mughul period, and on the work of folklorist Joseph Jacob.

  • A wealth of traditional Indian tales retold by Bali Rai
  • Bali is the acclaimed author of UnArranged Marriage
  • Includes endnotes, a glossary and additional information
  • Fun activities help children to explore the stories further

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  • Photo of Bali Rai

    Bali Rai

    Bali Rai has written over forty young adult, teen and children’s books, and won multiple awards. His culturally diverse writing often pushes boundaries and tackles a variety of issues. Extremely popular in schools across the world, he is passionate about the promotion of literacy and reading for pleasure.


    Winner of the Angus Children’s Book Prize and North Lanarkshire Catalyst Award for Un-arranged Marriage.

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