The Amazing Bounce-a-Bubble

Bounce them! Catch them! Juggle them! These massive bubbles are so cool they don’t even pop. Be the kid everyone is looking at. The one blowing HUGE bubbles that gently float around. But you’re not just blowing them. You’re doing all kinds of cool stunts with them. Things that ought to be impossible. But they’re not! This very special kit lets you do truly magical things with bubbles. (Seeing is believing.) Plus, you’ll learn some secret science too. Amazeballs? No – amazebubbles! A little bit of showing off is called for.

  • Includes a bubble kit and a science book
  • Blow enormous pop-resistant bubbles
  • Use the magic bubble gloves to do fun stunts
  • Learn why bubbles behave the way they do

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    It really does work!!!!!

    1 July 2015

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