Dawn and the Impossible Three

The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel: Dawn and the Impossible Three

The classic series – now with full-colour graphic artwork! Can one brave babysitter tame the three wild Barrett kids? Dawn is the new girl in town, and the latest recruit to the Baby-Sitters Club. She’s eager to make friends and prove her talent as a babysitter, but she’s still finding her feet. So when she’s asked to mind the notorious Barrett kids, Dawn can’t help feeling nervous. How will she survive this impossible task? May the best baby-sitter win!

  • A favourite story faithfully retold in colour cartoons
  • Over 176 million original Baby-Sitter’s Club books sold
  • Bright, lively artwork by fresh talent Gale Galligan
  • Funny and touching: a must for loyal fans and newbies

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