The Best Friends Book

Stickers, puzzles, quizzes, fill-ins, games and two gorgeous keyrings. Grab your nearest bestie. Best friends share things, right? So here’s a really special book for you and someone special to share. It’s a bit tricky to explain without actually showing you the real book. And trust us, once you’ve got it in your hands, you won’t want to let it go again. But in short: this book is split in two sections. You fill in one half. Your BFF fills in the other. You do cool quizzes, spill all your secrets and tell all your gossip. You try out activities and have massive fun getting to know each other even better. Sounds good? The two-piece heart keyring might just be the best bit of all.

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    I thing it’s good but it is not a book but it does not mater because it gives you tips how to be a better friend. Also I like this book because I can give my best friend the key ring and keep the other half and we put it on our book bags so this is why I like the diary book.

    20 May 2015

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