The Binder of Doom #1: Brute-Cake

Alexander and the Notebook of Doom heroes are back – battling scary new monsters! Alexander’s life has totally changed since he opened the fateful Notebook of Doom. These days he’s the leader of the Super Secret Monster Patrol: a club sworn to protect the town from monsters. But there haven’t been any monsters to fight for months. He’s missing his old allies, Rip and Nikki. Plus, it all feels a bit – well – boring. Then Alexander starts finding weird old-timey objects and creepy monster cards all over town. And what’s with the cake crumbs that keep turning up? Is the world in danger again?

  • First in a new series about Alexander and friends
  • Leads on from the popular Notebook of Doom books
  • From the Scholastic Branches early chapter book series
  • Heaps of spooky fun to hook young children into reading

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