The Blood Guard #3: The Blazing Bridge

Evil used to be rising. Now evil is right here! Scared? Nope. It’s what Ronan was born for… Ronan Truelove used to think he was a normal kid, in spite of his rather gallant name. But then he found out he was the youngest member of the Blood Guard: an ancient order sworn to protect the Pure. (Thirty-six truly good souls who will one day save the world, and all of us.) Now the final battle is looming – and three of the Pure are missing. Oopsie. Can Ronan save them so they can save the world? Sword fights to win. Souls to save. Evil to kick where it hurts. It’s the supernatural Alex Rider – and just as great as that sounds!

  • A thrilling fantasy quest with a cool modern setting
  • Car chases, gadgets, battles and supernatural foes
  • For fans of Percy Jackson and The Unicorne Files
  • “Wildly intense and deviously funny” – Michael Grant

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