The Chocolate Box Girls: Sweet Honey

Super sis or mean-girl rebel? The last book. Honey’s last chance to show a sweeter side. At last: the finale of Cathy Cassidy’s luscious series: the ultimate in cherry-topped deliciousness. If you’ve read this far, you’ll know that Honey is sweet by name, but sour by nature. A fresh start could work wonders for her. Now Honey is going to live with her dad in Australia – a world away from Tanglewood’s tough times. Will Honey’s new life, complete with a cute surfer dude, be as dreamy as it sounds? Sometimes the past has a habit of catching up with you…

  • The fifth book in Cathy Cassidy’s gorgeous series
  • Irresistible family fiction for fans of Hilary McKay
  • Powerful themes of righting wrongs and starting afresh
  • Cathy’s other books include the Lost and Found series

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  • In this series, Honey changes from sour to sweet well nearly.Honey finds out that Greg is not the best dad in the world.She gets cyber bullied and moves back to Somerset to fix everything at home.

    27 October 2014

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  • Photo of Cathy Cassidy

    Cathy Cassidy

    She’s been an art teacher, magazine editor and agony aunt but we like her best as a top-selling author. If you love books about family, friendship and chocolate, then look no further than Cathy!


    Cathy won the Royal Mail Award for Scottish Children’s Books for Scarlett in 2007, the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award in 2009 and the 2013 Doncaster Book Award for Summer’s Dream. She was also crowned Queen of Teen in 2010.

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