The Clockwork Century: The Inexplicables

The steampunk saga for those in the know. Rebels and zombies stalk a dead US city. This chilling dystopia ticks all the right boxes. The poisoned ruin of Seattle is prowled by the hungry undead and choked by deadly yellow gas. It houses criminal gangs, rumours of gold and wild, glowing mutant monsters. And Rector ‘Wreck ‘em’ Sherman is going in there. Rector was orphaned as a toddler in the Blight of 1863. Now he’s eighteen: a drug dealer living beside the hulk of Seattle, with nobody to trust and nowhere to go. Plus he’s being haunted by a kid he helped to kill. The big bad city is calling…

“A fast-moving story filled with cool steampunk technology and scary zombies.” Kirkus review of ‘Boneshaker’

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