The Demon Headmaster #8: Mortal Danger

The head from hell is back! Lizzie is trapped with nowhere to run… Last year, being sent to see the headmaster at Hazelbrook Academy would have sent shivers down Lizzie’s spine. All the pupils were terrified of his weird cold voice saying ‘look into my eyes’. But this term, there’s a new head, Ms Martin – and she’s great! She’s putting on heaps of activities that the kids love. There’s a poetry slam, and zumba, and graffiti, and cookery. There’s even a competition to win a holiday on a remote island! But when Lizzie and her friends win the trip, it turns out that an old enemy is back. And he’s got the kids exactly where he wants them: completely at his mercy…

  • A spine-chilling new adventure for this classic series
  • This evil head has been scaring kids for over 35 years
  • Fast-paced, spooky and full of action and suspense
  • Gillian Cross won the 1990 Carnegie Medal for Wolf

“Gillian Cross is one of the best children’s novelists today and her stories of the Demon Headmaster are both fun and quite frightening.” Daily Telegraph

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  • Awards

    Gillian Cross won the Carnegie Medal for Wolf in 1990, and the Nestle Smarties and Whitbread Prizes for The Great Elephant Chase in 1992.

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