The Doughnut of Doom

Think all doughnuts are sweet? WRONG! It’s a quiet day in Food Town, and rookie reporter Alison McNutty really needs a break. So when news comes in of a monster doughnut on the rampage, she’s hot on the case. Forget about eating this perilous pastry. It’s more likely to eat YOU! It’s gobbling up the whole town – and boy, is it hungry! Neither the police, the fire chiefs or the military can bring it down. What will President Bacon do? It’s up to Alison’s nutty plan to save the day…

  • A laugh-out-loud delight starring a bad-boy doughnut
  • Wacky disaster scenario inspired by 1950s B movies
  • Elys Dolan is the author of bonkers hit Nuts in Space
  • This rising star came second in the Macmillan Prize

“Wonderful setting, great characters, evil villain, giant monster, puns, what more could one want? Ah, yes, I forgot to mention the lovely illustrations.” Twirling Book Princess

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