The Fabulous Phartlehorn Affair

Bruno Pockley has a talent for doing prodigious parps. So when he’s sniffed out by a specially-trained Trumpenhund as having world-class phartling potential, all his dreams suddenly start to come true. He and his fellow Phartlers are taken to the court of the Knights Trumplar in the Kingdom of Phartesia, where they’ll learn to play the ancient Phartlehorn for a performance of epic proportions. The starry-eyed children are determined to prove themselves to the magnificent Duke of Phartesia and his beguiling daughter. But when Bruno and his friend Grace stumble upon the sickening truth about the Knights Trumplar, they send shockwaves round Europe, spark an international manhunt – and blow the lid off an explosive political secret!

“An engaging, evocative read complete with a flotilla of vivid characters and daft ideas… It’s a real blast.” We Love This Book

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  • Awards

    Hannah won the Cambridgeshire Picture Book Award in 2009 for Evil Weasel, and was also the illustrator of The Great Hamster Massacre which won the 2010 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

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