The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

Stolen jewels. Stirring rebellions. Lurking leeches. And a brave heroine against the world, riding her own elephant! One day, Chaya sneaks into the royal palace and steals the Queen’s jewels from her room. But when she’s chased by palace soldiers, she must flee deep into the jungle, where the lush green shadows murmur with rumours of revolution. Who is this daring thief, Chaya? Why does she ride an elephant? And will she ever get caught? Find out in this vivid jungle adventure, where every rustling leaf whispers a secret…

  • A thrilling adventure full of mystery and magic
  • Set on the island of Sri Lanka in long-ago times
  • Bursting with action, intrigue and daring mischief
  • Chaya is a brilliantly brave and likeable heroine

“As rich, dazzling and alluring as a pouchful of royal jewels, and as triumphant as a trumpeting elephant!” Sophie Anderson

“Adventuring at its best; a mystery, a jewel thief, and escape into the jungle with an elephant at your side.” Gill Lewis

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