The Haunting of Charity Delafield

Flame-haired Charity Delafield leads a lonely life, growing up in a vast and isolated house which her strict, cold father forbids her to explore. With only her kindly nurse, Rose, and a loyal black cat for company, she is not allowed to speak to strangers or venture a single step beyond the tall iron gates. But Charity has a secret. All her life, she has been visited by the same dream – a dream of a dark corridor and a locked door, hidden somewhere in the house. One snowy day, she stumbles across the door, and begins to unravel the strange and magical story of her family’s past… Enter a dreamlike world of mystery, magic and wonder in Ian Beck’s timeless winter fairy tale.

“Creates a gloriously Gothic atmosphere of suspense… Beck’s book is exquisitely produced, and a delight to hold.” Amanda Craig

“This has all the ingredients of an enthralling adventure – a lonely child, a missing parent, a series of clues and a surprisingly satisfying twist of an ending.” Daily Mail

“This book is full of magic and mystery and it will bring the child out in you.” Dark Readers

“A perfect fantasy novel for older children… In all senses, a magical tale.” A.N. Wilson, Readers Digest

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  • loved it

    I think The Haunting Of Charity Delafield is a captivating story about a curios little girl who wants to find out more about her mysterious lost mother. I would recommend this to people who are aged 9+ and like mystery stories

    8 December 2012

  • I read the first chapter and I really found intresting.

    1 December 2012

  • loved it

    This book was a fantastic book to read, and when I read the first chapter I was straight away sucked into the atmosphere of the book, living with Charity Delafield, wincing when the kind maid Rose had brushed her hair every morning, and bubbling with anticipation when she went on exciting adventures with her friend Silas, the chimney sweep. I loved this book, and when I get the time, I sure am going to read it again. Also, I really liked how the ending was set, full of surprise and happiness. If anyone seems interested in this book, please pick it up and start reading, because I promise you that this book would bring joy to your eyes and fill you up with pleasure.

        I would recommend this book to everyone, but mostly who love history, because as this book is set in the past, it would fascinate those who enjoy learning about history the most...

    2 November 2012

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  • Ian Beck

    Ian has produced bestsellers ever since he burst onto the scene of children’s books. Since then he has garnered rave reviews and a reputation as one of the leaders in his field. He has multiple awards to his name, including the Right Start magazine Best Toy Awards 2002 where he won Gold in the book category for Scholastic’s ’’The Happy Bee’’.


    Ian Beck has won several awards including The Best Toy Award for Home Before Dark, Alone in the Woods and The Happy Bee.

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