The Hugo Movie Companion

An orphan and thief, Hugo lives in the walls of a train station in Paris, hoping that a broken automaton will make his dreams come true. But when his world collides with an eccentric girl and a bitter old man, Hugo’s most precious secret is put in jeopardy… Author Brian Selznick takes readers on an intimate tour of the movie-making process as his book is turned into a major 3D motion picture directed by Martin Scorsese. This stunning guide is lavishly illustrated with stills from the movie and original artwork from the award-winning book, plus interviews with cast and crew, and costumes and sets from the film. Packed with fascinating facts about automatons, early cinema and more, it is a must-have guide to this winter’s cinematic tour-de-force.

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  • Awards

    Brian Selznick has won many awards for The Invention of Hugo Cabret including the Caldecott Medal and the New York Times Award for Best Illustrated Book.

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