The Jaguar Trials

Terror, treasure and possible swift death! Dare you enter the jaguar’s lair? Imagine Total Wipeout in a lost Amazon city. But way deadlier. And Katniss is nowhere in sight. Ben is in Latin America when he stumbles into an ancient mystery. Amid the ruins of a great temple, he braves the fearsome trials of El Dorado. There’s a curse to be lifted, and untold riches to be found. But is gold all that awaits Ben at the end of the Jaguar Trials? If you read last year’s Arrowhead, you’ll have some idea of how scary Ruth Eastham can be. Will Ben win treasure – or lose his life? Thrills to tear out your jugular.

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  • Awards

    Ruth Eastham won the 2012 Coventry Inspiration Book Award (7-11 category)for The Memory Cage and the 2013 Oldham Brilliant Book Award for The Messenger Bird.

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