The Jungle Run

Here come the animals, one by one… But one of them, Cub, is told to go back home because she’s too small to race in the Jungle Run. However, sprightly Cub is determined to prove them wrong! Cub may be little, but she’s quick and clever. And she knows just how to show the rest of the competitors what a winner she is! Get set for runaway laughter with all the fleet-footed animals in this tale of jolly jungle fun. In leaping rhymes and bold, joyful pictures, Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees show that being small can be best of all!

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  • Tony Mitton

    Tony Mitton is the best-selling author of SPOOKYRUMPUS, and the AMAZING MACHINES series. Scholastic also published his acclaimed poetry collections, PLUM and PIP. He lives in Cambridge.


    Tony Mitton has won a number of awards including the Nestle Smarties Prize for Red and White Spotted Handkerchief, and the Dundee, Portsmouth and Sheffield prizes for Spookyrumpus.

  • Awards

    Guy Parker-Rees won the Sheffield, Dundee and Portsmouth Book Awards for Spookyrumpus.

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