The Last Kids on Earth

Loved by Jeff Kinney! Your guide to becoming a monster-bashing, zombie-fighting tornado of cool. Apocalypse? Worried? Not you. TOTAL MONSTER ZOMBIE CHAOS. Could you survive it? Not sure? Then read this book NOW! Just over a month ago, Jack Sullivan was a normal clueless kid. Now he’s battling hungry zombies on a daily basis – and he’s still alive. How does Jack do it? Can he rescue his best friend? And defeat the biggest monster in town? And not get bitten? In spite of his whopping to-do list, he’s found time to write this story, full of monster-busting tips to save your life!

  • Hilarious zombie adventure perfect for comics fans
  • By the author of the hilarious Galactic Hot Dogs series
  • Fast-paced drama full of doodles, twists and turns
  • “Big thrills and even bigger laughs” – Jeff Kinney

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