The Magic Potions Shop #1: The Young Apprentice

Potions, magic and fairytale giggles. Mixing up spells: it’s a dream job! What do you want to be when you grow up? How about a Potions Master – helping giants, elves and sprites? In the Magic Potions Shop in the Kingdom of Arthwen, lucky Tibben is training up for that role. Sounds great – except when his spells backfire. BANG! KABOOM! SPLAT! (Oops.) The potions shop is hidden in a tree, and it stocks all kinds of cool goodies. Glitter dust for fairies. Handsome Cream for fairytale princes. Shrinking potion. Exploding powder. Or even flying potion. Take your pick!

  • From the hit team behind The Fairytale Hairdresser
  • Potions, funny mix-ups and magical creatures
  • Simple chapter book for newly confident readers
  • Lauren Beard’s funny artwork all the way through

“Another new series which promises to be a big hit with young readers.” Parents in Touch

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