The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Carlos Gets the Sneezes

Achoo! Why is Carlos sneezing? Find out on a magical bus ride up his nose! If you want a class trip full of amazement, you know what to do: hop aboard the Magic School Bus. This yellow bus is anything but ordinary, and every trip on it will completely blow your mind! But what on earth is going on with Carlos? He’s got dreadful sniffles, and it doesn’t seem to be a typical cold. There’s only one way to find out. Fasten your seatbelt, step on the gas, and zoom to the source to the problem: the inside of his body!

  • A brand-new story from this relaunched classic series
  • A longer chapter book to stretch developing readers
  • 96 pages of high-interest text with line illustrations
  • Exciting first fiction that explores the human body

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