The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Meet the Class

Fasten your seatbelt! The Magic School Bus is back on the road – or should we say, in the air? This yellow bus is anything but ordinary, and it’s going to get you flying high! It can shrink to the size of a blood cell and zoom around inside your body. It can turn into a snowmobile, dive like a submarine or shoot into orbit like a rocket. With teacher Fiona Frizzle in the driving seat, it’ll take you on the field trip of a lifetime. Deep into the ocean, far into the future – and even up Carlos’s nose! Ugh!

  • A bright new picture book for this best-loved classic series
  • Meet teacher Fiona Frizzle and the new Walkerville class!
  • A witty, colourful celebration of learning and discovery
  • Fun message of daring to explore and make mistakes

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