The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Robot Farm

It’s harvest! Plump orange pumpkins, huge green marrows, crisp red and green apples. It’s a wonderful sight! Even better, the school is holding a harvest feast to celebrate. Trouble is, Wanda’s been so busy promoting it, she’s forgotten to get the food. Oops! Luckily, Ralphie knows a local farm that grows amazing fresh produce. But there’s a problem: he thinks it might be haunted! There are tractors driven by ghosts, plants that climb walls, and robots everywhere. Is it a Halloween spookfest – or could all this strange stuff actually be helping the farm?

  • A harvest picture book from this best-loved series
  • Includes a sticker sheet, plus heaps of facts and fun
  • Easy text and big pictures to suit beginner readers
  • Seasonal fun that inspires curiosity about our world

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