The Magician's Hat

Magic is great – but nothing beats the magic of reading! Celebrate it with sports star Malcolm Mitchell: a man on a mission to help every kid find their inner winner through books. It’s Family Fun Day at the library. There are scavenger hunts and reading rallies. But the excitement goes right off the scale when a magician arrives. He’s got a bag of tricks, and a really BIG hat. He bends spoons and makes a banana vanish! Wow! But that’s just the warm-up act. Soon the magician is ready to dazzle the crowd with his favourite trick of all. Hush, kids! Listen up – because this bit of magic begins with a story…

  • A sparkling picture book by an American football hero
  • Celebrates the joy of reading and the magic of books
  • Malcolm Mitchell plays for the New England Patriots
  • He runs the best-loved Read With Malcolm campaign

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