The Messenger Bird

Nathan’s father has been arrested, accused of leaking top-secret intelligence from the Ministry of Defence. But as he is dragged into a police car, he passes Nathan a message. It leads to a riddle – but not from Dad. Written in 1940, it comes from a woman, Lily Kenley, who worked at Bletchley Park during the war, helping to decode secret German messages with the famous Enigma machine. But how does this wartime story link to Nathan’s father’s fate? Hope for Dad is fading fast. And as Nathan races to solve the puzzle before time runs out, he stumbles across family secrets best left buried…

A thrilling adventure full of clues, riddles and unexplained mysteries from World War II.

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    Ruth Eastham won the 2012 Coventry Inspiration Book Award (7-11 category)for The Memory Cage and the 2013 Oldham Brilliant Book Award for The Messenger Bird.

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