The Morning Gift

Ruth lives a perfect life in the beautiful city of Vienna. She is wildly in love with Heini Radik, a brilliant young pianist. But don’t get jealous just yet: her whole world is about to cave in. When Hitler’s troops invade Austria, Ruth’s family (all Jewish) have to flee to London. Only Ruth is left behind – stranded without a passport. Quin, a young professor and family friend, offers to marry her so she can escape to London. He never expects to fall in love with her. But as Ruth throws herself into London life, that’s exactly what happens. And then Heini arrives…

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  • Photo of Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson is the award-winning author of many books including Journey to the River Sea.


    Eva has twice been awarded the Smarties Book Prize, for Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan, and was awarded the Independent Bookseller’s Book Prize for One Dog and His Boy in 2012.

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