The Ogre of Oglefort

“The Ogre must be slain,” said Norm Number One. “Killed,” said the Second Norm. “Pulverized. Absolutely,” said the Third. Then all three of them pointed to the audience and with one voice they cried: “This is the task!”

The annual Summer Meeting of Unusual Creatures is usually quite a gentle affair. But this year’s is different. When an ordinary, unmagical boy called Ivo, a hag, a troll and a wizard are given the task of rescuing a princess from an ogre, they quail. They tremble. They consider running away and hiding. Can they be any match for the gruesome, ghastly, flesh-eating Ogre of Oglefort? But not all is as it seems. The Ogre is depressed and not in the mood for eating anyone. What’s more, the princess doesn’t even WANT to be rescued. So the bossy Norms, who rule over everyone, send a gang of the vilest, most petrifying ghouls to get the job done… With all her classic hallmarks, this Eva Ibbotson fantasy is a marvellously magical tour-de-force from a born storyteller.

“Deliciously entertaining.” Guardian

“This kind of fun will never fail to delight.” Philip Pullman

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  • I like how they make the ogre good. Its really funny.

    7 March 2014

  • liked it

    it was really good but I didn’t get absolutely gripped by it

    15 January 2013

  • loved it

    i loved this book it was an amazingly wierd book. if i were u i would read it now. it is that good !!!!

    11 June 2012

  • This book is awesome, It’s just the cover pic that’s disgusting! * * * * *

    4 March 2012

  • loved it

    It is a great book. It is about a crew trying to rescue princess Mirella.

    5 March 2011

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  • Photo of Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson is the award-winning author of many books including Journey to the River Sea.


    Eva has twice been awarded the Smarties Book Prize, for Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan, and was awarded the Independent Bookseller’s Book Prize for One Dog and His Boy in 2012.

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