The Phantom Tollbooth

Let’s hear it for 50 years of this fantasy classic! The tollbooth takes Milo to strange lands, magic kingdoms and sky castles. But will it still be there when he gets home from school? Most people aren’t exactly delighted when they spot a tollbooth. It means the toll collector will charge them a fee to drive down a road, or over a bridge. But when Milo finds a strange tollbooth in his bedroom and drives through it in his toy car, he’s whisked away into a magical kingdom! Soon he’s voyaging to places like the Land of Expectation, the Doldrums, the Mountains of Ignorance and the Castle in the Air. There’s a giant to meet, and a real-life Mathemagician. But is Milo’s adventure real – or not?

  • A hilarious and hugely inventive fantasy masterpiece
  • Introduced by best-loved author Diana Wynne Jones
  • A dazzling ride through a spectacular magical world
  • Celebrates the power of learning and imagination

“An enthralling and very funny dazzle of mental fireworks.” Sunday Times

“Leaps, soars, and abounds in right notes all over the place, as any proper masterpiece must.” Maurice Sendak

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