The Puppies of Blossom Meadow #1: Fairy Friends

A new series set in the dreamy world of Blossom Wood. Fluffy puppies in a meadow full of magic! Erin, Amber and Kayla are best friends who love dogs. So when they find an enchanted collar that turns them into cute puppies, it’s the best day ever! Woof! Plus, the collar has whisked them away to the beautiful Blossom Meadow – the perfect place for the dogs to run and play. But who is stealing all the bluebells? Can the girls stop the thieves and save the day?

  • A cuddly new strand for the Blossom Wood series
  • Meet three lucky girls who can turn into puppies!
  • Great for fans of Secret Kingdom and Enid Blyton
  • Fantastic author who has written for Rainbow Magic

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