The Rescue Princesses #1: The Secret Promise

Princess Lizzie is really excited about her first Grand Ball at Mistberg Castle. She even wishes she could drive the carriage taking her there! All the same, she’d rather be on the zip wire in the castle grounds than trying on dresses. So she and her three new friends slip out after dinner – after all, a zip wire in the dark is excellent fun! But things take a serious turn when the princesses find a trapped deer in the forest. Who would do such an awful thing, and why? And when they uncover a plot to destroy all the beautiful deer in Mistberg Forest, the girls must find a way to save the day!

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  • I thought it was brilliant because it started ok and then in the middle it was sad because the deer was hurt but the Princesses rescued him. At the end the 4 Princess had become friends and became good rescuers.

    My favourite character was Emily because she was smart and a nice Princess. My favourite part was when the deer got better.

    When I first saw the book I thought it would be too girly for me but I liked it a lot and enjoyed the adventure. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. This book would suit all girls aged 5 and up.

    Stephanie, age 7

    7 June 2012

  • I want to read it

    26 April 2012

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