The Romeo and Juliet Code

Spies, wartime secrets and a teenage codebreaker. A gripping story of intrigue and romance with a dramatic Second World War backdrop. Felicity’s parents have sent her away from London to stay with distant relatives in Maine, far away from the battles in Europe. At first, Felicity hopes she won’t be gone for long. It’s strange being so far away from home, and her uncle’s family are downright weird. But her glamorous parents have a secret. They are sending coded letters to her uncle, and she’s sure they are in trouble. Can Felicity crack the code and save her parents – all while surviving her first crush?

The Romeo and Juliet Code shows that truth will win out… a masterpiece for young readers everywhere.” The Boston Globe

“Stone’s intricate and lyrical novel, set during WWII, resembles The Secret Garden in all the best ways.” Publishers Weekly

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