The Secret Life of Pets: Deluxe Storybook

What do your pets get up to when you’re out? Your hamster runs on his wheel. Your kitten snoozes. Your dog dreams of walkies. Right? NOPE! The pets in this funny movie story are way too busy having loads of cheeky fun. Oh yes – and too busy fighting crime! When the folks on two legs go out (that’s you), these cuddly critters start hanging out, trading gossip and running riot. But then a fluffy bunny, Snowball, turns up – and he’s not half as cute as he sounds. Laugh out loud as these cartoon pets try to stop his wicked crimes!

  • The picture book story of the blockbusting film
  • Illustrated with colour scenes from the movie
  • Funny and fast-paced tale full of cheeky capers
  • Simple text ideal for young starter readers

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