The Simpsons Comic and Activity Book

A bumper dose of crazy comics, pranks and puzzles! Enjoy a feast of wit, wisdom, chuckles and silliness with all the wacky friends and family! Shiver with excitement as the Simpsons become eco-warriors when Mr Burns cranks up fuel prices during the freezing winter chill. Shudder at Homer’s Golden Pyramid of Foodly Delights. Join Lisa on her quest to launch a Family Reading Night at home – and find out what happens when Santa comes knocking one snowy Christmas night! An irresistible gift and all-round treat for fans, this book is stuffed with chuckles and puzzles to brighten up each day.

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  • Love the Simpsons seen every episode hope the comic is good

    Mat Groening

    My Hero Number 1 in the world

    Thanks for creating the Simpsons

    Cant Wait for the comic

    10 November 2015

  • loved it

    this book is very good becouse it’s got lots of ativetys.

    12 November 2011

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