The Somerset Tsunami

Witches, rumours, rising waters. Dark secrets swept into the light… Fortune Sharpe is hiding something. She is a girl. A girl dressed as a boy, seeking work at the manor house of Barrow Hill. But the rich folk who live in the mansion have odd secrets of their own, and the suspicious owner is busy hunting for witches. Also, the house is a little too close to the sea. Why does this matter? Well, it matters a lot on the day the tsunami roars in – so monstrous and fast no human can outrun it. The huge wave comes so far inland, cows climb trees to escape! Will the young heir to the manor be drowned? And why is Fortune now on trial for her life?

  • A richly atmospheric sensation from a major writer
  • By the author of Frost Hollow Hall and Strange Star
  • A thrilling historical adventure based on a real event
  • Accessible younger fiction in the vein of I, Coriander

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  • Awards

    Emma Carroll won the North East Book Award for Frost Hollow Hall and the Books Are My Bag Award for Letters From the Lighthouse.

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