The Spy Next Door: Mutant Rat Attack

Dream of being a kid spy with cool hero powers? Read this! Unless you’re scared of rats, that is… Like most kids, keen skateboarder Dex dreams of being a hero. And guess what? His wish is about to come true! (Kind of.) When a radioactive rat the size of a house attacks his town, Dex’s life goes from zzzz to AAARGGH! The class hamster, Pretty, has gobbled up some radioactive broccoli. Now she’s as big as King Kong – with a temper to match! Can Dex stop Pretty, save his town and hand his homework in on time? If you love Captain Underpants, you’re going to REALLY love this!

  • A hilarious cartoon adventure for Dav Pilkey fans
  • Amazing doodles, super-silly antics and big chuckles
  • Set in a thrilling world of skateboard-riding spies
  • Easy-read adventure which quickly builds confidence

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