The Starman and Me

Not your usual time-travel novel! It’s confusion all the way when our prehistoric ancestors touch down in Kofi’s town… Kofi first spots the prehistoric dude, Rorty, on a supermarket roundabout. He’s small and dark and curled up in a tight ball. He’s got no clue what he’s doing in the 21st century. But someone is hunting him down. Surprised? Don’t be. Rorty’s style might be kind of old-school, but he can do dazzling tricks with his mind. If Kofi wants to save him, he’s got to move fast. But as past and future collide, what are they moving towards?

  • E.T. meets Stig of the Dump in this page-turning adventure
  • A unique, quirky tale where ancient and modern times collide
  • Explores where we have come from and where we are moving to
  • Perfect for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce and David Almond

“Truly lovely. It’s a proper adventure story for all curious middle graders … heartily recommended.” Bookbag

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